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Exciting news: Chemical Serpents on the Steemit

Tuesday, June 6th, 2017

Anton Channing will be sharing the first part of Chemical Serpents on the steem blockchain, along with artwork from Janice Duke. As the steem network is decentralised you can follow @antonchanning via a number of different websites that interface with it, including, or the esteem mobile app. We also recomment you follow the artist @janiceduke.

Be sure to upvote and share because if the author and artist get enough reward from sharing this installment, they will share more.

This post is to verify that the author and illustrator have permission of the publisher to share this work on the steem blockchain.

Chemical Serpents social media

Wednesday, March 11th, 2015

Chemical Serpents now has a twitter account and a facebook page.


If you have read the book, and enjoyed it, then show your appreciation by liking the page and sharing our posts, and/or following us on twitter and help spread our tweets.


If you haven’t yet read the book and want to find out more, both these places are good to ask questions about the book and learn more about them.

Chemical Serpents: Silver first edition

Friday, August 2nd, 2013

When Illuminated Press are proud to present the silver edition of Chemical Serpents. Like the gold edition this volume comes in large format full colour pages. The silver edition has a ‘cool lunar’ colour scheme of purples, blues and greys, in contrast to the ‘hot solar’ colour scheme of the gold edition.SilverEdition

The internal pages are slightly larger than in the gold edition, meaning you get to enjoy the visionary illustrations of Janice Duke in their full glory.

You can order the silver edition via, and other distributors. Signed editions may be available direct from the author.

Chemical Serpents: Gold first edition

Wednesday, May 1st, 2013


Chemical Serpents Gold First Edition is now available.

This full-colour hard-back collectors edition is something of a visual treat.  As Anton Channing follows the trail of the serpent through the world’s religious, mystical and religious history and traditions, Janice Duke’s stunning artwork illustrates the text throughout.

The full colour interior of the Gold Edition boasts a ‘solar’ or warm colour scheme of red and gold throughout 116 full colour large format pages.  The large 20cm by 27cm pages give the art room to display its full glory.