Janice is an illustrator, speaker and writer born in East-London. She now lives in the Highlands of Scotland. She is primarily interested in art and philosophy based topics, strongly influenced by a master’s degree in philosophy with a focus on aesthetics and environmental ethics. Nature, mythology, psychology and altered states of consciousness inspire and inform her work.

Captivated by animals and nature from a young age, particularly by her many pets and the goings-on in her back garden, Janice has been inspired to create for as long as she can remember. In adolescence fantasy fiction, computer games, and a profound need to escape from reality led her deeper down the artistic rabbit hole, her subjects becoming fantastical-beings, heroes and heroines, and epic journeys. Since 2007 she has worked as a freelance illustrator, portrait painter and designer. Far from escaping reality, it is her contention that in art, as in any creative endeavour, we find the starkest confrontation with reality possible.

Janice has been fascinated by the occult and the strange since childhood due to various psychic and mystical experiences that have also strongly influenced her artwork. She studied tarot from an early age, practiced many forms of meditation and experimented with a variety of occult and spiritual disciplines, taking whatever elements suited her and weaving them into her own creative practices. She has taken inspiration from figures such as William Blake, Austin Osman Spare, Rosaleen Norton, Alex Grey, Rumi, Aleister Crowley, Grant Morrison and Alan Moore.



Chemical Serpents (Artist and Illustrator)

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