SAMSUNGAnton has lived with mystical experience, studied the occult and practised various kinds of meditation, since childhood.

By their early twenties Anton was involved in paganism, Natural magic, and Chaos magic and writing their first articles, most of which were published in the ‘agan Teenage Voice’, with other one off articles appearing in ‘agan Dawn’, Marion Green’s ‘Quest’ and ‘Chaos International’.

Anton attained 3rd Degree ‘Initiate’ status in the Illuminates of Thanateros, before leaving to concentrate on the development of a non-hierarchical egregore of magicians, the KIA Invisible Agents, a group they helped form with author Jaq D Hawkins. Anton still continues to manage the KIA website.

Their first book, ‘Kaos Hieroglyphica’ was published in partnership with Mandrake of Oxford, in 2004. Since then Anton has lived in various parts of the UK, meeting and learning from various witches, pagans and magicians from various paths and backgrounds. This helped inspire Chemical Serpents, a book that explores the symbolism of serpents throughout the world and their relationship to the idea of illumination. Chemical Serpents was published by WhIP in 2013.


Chemical Serpents. (Author)

Anton Channing around the net.


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