Chemical Serpents social media

Chemical Serpents now has a twitter account and a facebook page.


If you have read the book, and enjoyed it, then show your appreciation by liking the page and sharing our posts, and/or following us on twitter and help spread our tweets.


If you haven’t yet read the book and want to find out more, both these places are good to ask questions about the book and learn more about them.

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  1. trace says:

    I’m sorry that I can’t like it on Twitter or Facebook….. Or any other stuff. But I can recommend the book from here.

    It’s an honest ….and very useful account of a later experience of very good friends path in magikal advancement. I love the illustrations and I love the sentiments.
    I only wish that I could make that much literary sense of it all myself.

    Thank you @Anton. :-D

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