Chemical Serpents: Silver first edition

When Illuminated Press are proud to present the silver edition of Chemical Serpents. Like the gold edition this volume comes in large format full colour pages. The silver edition has a ‘cool lunar’ colour scheme of purples, blues and greys, in contrast to the ‘hot solar’ colour scheme of the gold edition.SilverEdition

The internal pages are slightly larger than in the gold edition, meaning you get to enjoy the visionary illustrations of Janice Duke in their full glory.

You can order the silver edition via, and other distributors. Signed editions may be available direct from the author.

6 Responses to “Chemical Serpents: Silver first edition”

  1. trace says:

    Looks totally splendid!

    Thanks a-plenty to you @Anton, and to @Spiral, for your hard work (and thought,) in manifesting Chemical Serpents.

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  2. Reilus says:

    It was fortuitous for you to choose to show the pages you did. While staring at my Masonic ring, I noted the unicursal hexagram would manifest with the addition of two more lines. The page you displayed shows the Seal of Solomon, the square and compass, and the unicursal hexagram. Good choice; you got my money. =) I’m interested to see what you came up with.

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