Chemical Serpents: Gold first edition


Chemical Serpents Gold First Edition is now available.

This full-colour hard-back collectors edition is something of a visual treat.  As Anton Channing follows the trail of the serpent through the world’s religious, mystical and religious history and traditions, Janice Duke’s stunning artwork illustrates the text throughout.

The full colour interior of the Gold Edition boasts a ‘solar’ or warm colour scheme of red and gold throughout 116 full colour large format pages.  The large 20cm by 27cm pages give the art room to display its full glory.

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  1. trace says:

    Woah!! That looks totally brill Anton! I would guess that it feels very good to get the book actually published after quite a long time of thinking, writing, correlation, collaboration, and loads of other much bigger and more impressive words besides!!

    Alas, I find myself unable to order a copy at present, however…. I’m 108% going for at least one of the editions! There’s no way I’m not reading this book!!

    Congratulations @Anton, may you receive many times over, the insight and intuition that you most carefully, painstakingly and creatively put into Chemical Serpents.

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  2. @trace I remember you were expressing interest more in the ‘Silver’ edition anyway. I am working on getting that edition out next. For those that don’t already know, the silver edition is similar in page size to the gold, has full colour internal pages like the gold, only with a ‘lunar’ colour scheme of silver, blue and purple. Also it is a paperback.

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  3. aariel says:

    Cool Baphomet. I never replaced the tree of life with chaosphere. Serpent is also important in my universe. I guess all wizards like the serpent.

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  4. @aariel Well the cover art is by @spiral so you can thank her if you like the Baphomet. The tree of life and the chaoists ‘eight colours’, to me, represent two ways of looking at the same thing, neither one an ‘replacement’ for the other as such. As ‘Chemical Serpents’ discusses.

    The Serpent is very important in magic, it is true. I’m not the first to have written about the serpent, but the journey my book describes through serpent symbolism does I think provide for a unique read, with gems and perspectives missing from other accounts. They in turn offer further perspectives. Personally it is my hope that this book would sit nicely on the shelf beside ‘Seidways’ by Jan Fries, ‘The Way of the Sacred’ by Francis Huxley and ‘The Devil and the Goddess’ by Gyrus. Along with maybe some other serpent and alchemy related tomes such as Roob’s ‘Alchemy and Mysticism’, Jeremy Narby’s ‘The Cosmic Serpent’ and Arthur Avalon’s ‘The Serpent Power’. Not to mention the usual suspects of Chaos and Thelema currents…

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  5. trace says:

    @aariel, I like Baphomet too, I’m not too sure why.
    and I agree, the serpent feels to be very important, all I know about the symbolic stuff so far, is that it mean transmutation, and has something to do with alchemy, (I think…)
    snakes are brilliant creatures anyway though, so very misunderstood, (just like Baphomet i think.)
    I was given a snake years ago, he was very young and rather weak when I first had him, he taught me a lot.

    @Anton, yes… You are right there, I did rather like the feel of the lunar edition. Although… I gotta admit that it’s only magikal companion will be ‘Chaos Hieroglyphica’.
    Good thing…. as the best it can hope for otherwise, is Terry P, and if it’s very lucky… the never ending days of being dead, Zolars book of something or another, and a couple of others, which apart from Terry’s and yours…. I have never worked up the enthusiasm to even start reading.
    I know you have loads of really inspiring-looking books @anton… and most, if not all look interesting….

    Gods I am sooo lazy!
    I could make the usual zen excuse…. do nothing, and in so doing, leave nothing undone… I ‘know’ what that means, although I couldn’t explain it in a million years.

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  6. @trace You won’t have to wait long now. The silver edition is in the printers and will be launched very soon…

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  7. trace says:

    Good news indeed @Anton! I’m looking forward to that, thank you for the info, (I’m still getting over not making it to Inverness a couple of weeks ago, however… there’s still the posibility of the KIA retreat, if it’s still ongoing.)

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  8. @trace I’m holding off the ‘official’ launch until after it appears on amazon (which may take up to a couple of months), but the silver edition is now available to buy direct through myself for £30GBP + p&p.

    They can also be purchased direct from the printers (lulu):

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  9. trace says:

    @Anton do you reckon you could save one for when i go there in October please? It will be far more hoopy somehow to personally be given it by yourself.
    (Hope you don’t charge too much for signing it.) heheheh!

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  11. @trace Of course I can make sure I have a copy for you in October. I sign them for free. I hadn’t even thought about charging for that! Especially not for friends!

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  12. trace says:

    @Anton, thank you very muchly, I was rather hoping you’d say that!

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  13. […] More info on the gold edition. […]

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